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Arwa Hussein
Jun 21,2024
2 Packages
1 Services

I am a qualified interior designer with 12 years of experience in designing. I am strongly creative and analytical. I love art and I paint.

Mehsen Al-Jinaie
Jun 05,2024
4 Packages
2 Services

Mohsen is a daytime Civil Engineer who likes to spend his free time assisting others in solving problems such as recording English Voice Overs with various different accents. Furthermore he also offers landscape design, while maintaining a balance between planting and parking.

Adel Al-Qattan
May 30,2024
3 Packages
2 Services

My name is Adel and I have been involved in many aspects of music professionally for 20+ years. I take pride in my work and strive to achieve the best possible result in any project I am involved in. Send me a message and we can get to know each other better to find the best way fulfill your requirements!

Nourah Alqattan
May 27,2024
6 Packages
1 Services

Where moments are immortalized and memories are cherished forever. I am Nourah Al Qattan a passionate product and portrait photographer specializing in capturing the essence of your special occasions , family moments, birthdays and variety of events.

Ali Al Khamis
May 24,2024
3 Packages
3 Services

I love creativity, and use that creativity in helping businesses grow and getting seen. Owner and founder of Alchemist Creations. I specialize in finding the best creative approach for your identity design. Need a piece of art? No problem, my creative potions are here to serve your needs.

Perfect Design Firm
May 19,2024
4 Packages
4 Services

Harnessing our extensive regional experience across diverse industries in both the public and private sectors, Perfect Design Firm is your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled brand excellence. Our team of expert brand designers brings together a harmonious blend of artistic approaches, ensuring that every project is infused with innovation and creativity. From comprehensive branding strategies to captivating social media campaigns, cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, immersive photography and videography, striking graphic design, and much more, we offer a holistic suite of offerings tailored to meet your unique needs. With Perfect Design Firm, unlock the power of visionary design and strategic thinking to elevate your brand.

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