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Zainab .
May 11,2024
3 Packages
3 Services

An imaginative content creator specialized in writing and editing. Whether it's blogs or any other form of written material, I craft engaging content that stands out. Excited to bring your ideas to life through words!

Emad Shaban
May 03,2024
1 Packages
1 Services

مصمم جرافيك وصانع هويات بصرية مختص في الباكجينغ ( packaging ) خبير في كافة برامج التصميم عموماً وبرامج Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe After Effects خصوصاً والتصميم بالنسبة لي ليست مهنة بل شغف لذلك أي مشروع أعمل عليه اعتبره مشروع لي وأقوم بمتابعته حتى بعد تسليم المشروع للعميل

Ali M
May 02,2024
5 Packages
1 Services

Passionate graphic designer with an obsession to make everything perfect! Excellent skills in graphic design, calligraphy and much more!

Zakaria Qadrii
Apr 30,2024
3 Packages
3 Services

I'm a skilled videographer with experience in camera operation, editing, and storytelling. I provide diverse backgrounds in event coverage, corporate videos, and more, as well as videography and graphics services, to deliver dynamic multimedia content with captivating narratives and visually striking imagery.

Basel Salam
Apr 29,2024
15 Packages
5 Services

Photographer & Filmmaker DOP & PostProducer خبير و محب للتقنية | Tech Geek صانع محتوى | CC

Alia AlFalah
Apr 28,2024
3 Packages
3 Services

Hi! I'm Alia, brand and web design. I love helping small businesses with their branding. I've been through branding challenges myself, so I know how to make the process easy. I enjoy making brands and websites that really connect with people. I mix creativity, planning, and a keen eye for detail in every project. This helps create a unique online space that turns visitors into regular customers. I thrive on the strategic aspect of branding, focusing not just on aesthetics but also on understanding your industry and reaching your audience effectively.

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