1. How much does Qudra charge the freelancers?

- Qudra charges 15% of every successful delivarable.

2. Is their exclusivity with Qudra and the freelancers ?

- No; the freelancers have no exclusivity with Qudra

3. How many packages and services can i create?

-Freelancers are free to create as many packages as they want under a service, and as many services as they want. You can create as many packages under the related service.

4. Can i send a customized offer/ package for a specific client?

-Yes, after freelancer and client chat, the freelancer can create a package which can be added to the package list and the specific client can purchase. 

5. What is the process if the freelancer is on leave or busy?

-Freelancer can lock the packages and it will show to the client is “unavailable”

6. Can the freelancer and client chat before purchase?

-Yes, the client and freelancer can chat with no restriction before the client purchases the package from the client

7. How does the service get finalized?

-Once the freelancer submit the deliverables the client and freelancer must accept and approve the submission of the project, so Qudra can finalize it and transfer any amount related to the freelancer.